What's the deal with the Blue Penguin?

Blue Penguin Design is a family business, started by a young, creative fellow named Steve way back in 2002. From very humble beginnings, the studio is now very well known for producing high-quality work business, schools, NGO's and government.

Our success is based largely on three values:

  • We aim to always provide an insurmountable level of customer service and always operate with absolute integrity
  • We only provide the best quality products and services available
  • We are not greedy.

We're a pretty happy, humble bunch; we have young families, drive beat-up old cars and enjoy the simple things in life. Most of our income goes towards nappies, cheese slices and The Wiggles merchandise.

The Penguin's Mission Statement.

Blue Penguin Design exists to provide products and services of the highest quality possible to a diverse range of customers while demonstrating absolute integrity, generosity and a genuine respect for every person that we deal with. We insist on always operating within a fun, positive environment.