Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a bunch of questions we are frequently asked about our business, if you can't find an answer you want here, please contact us and we'd be more than happy to answer.

I've seen websites offering logo design for about the same price as a happy meal. Why should I pay more for you guys to design my logo?
A logo is an investment in your business. A good logo can communicate a wealth of information to potential customers and portray a perceived value of your goods and services to them well before they experience anything else. A good logo is timeless, memorable and allows your customers to build trust in your brand. It's not really something you want to cut corners on is it?

When we create logos, we put everything we have into them; We research your industry and competitors. We do lots of brainstorming, sketching and development to make sure that we come up with a logo that perfectly communicates the right message and stands out amongst your competitors. We also make sure that your logo will be usable on almost anything, eg. stationery, signage, embroidery, websites, etc. (You can even shave it into the back of your head if you feel like it.) Once completed, we'll provide the logo in several different formats and we'll also throw in a style guide that explains the logo's correct use. The whole process can take a fair bit of time (which is why it will cost you more), but we believe that it's well worth it.

...and we'll shout you a happy meal if you ask nicely.

I already have a good graphic designer, can I use you guys just for printing?
You sure can buckaroo! We are more than happy to work this way. We respect the relationships our customers have with other suppliers, and won't try anything shifty.

I already have a good printer, can I use you guys just for graphic design?
See above. (Just swap the terms "graphic designer" and "printer" around and change the word "buckaroo" to "me hearty". Oh, and add an "aaaarrrrrr!" at the end.

How long does it take to have stuff printed with Blue Penguin Design?
For most printed products, you can expect delivery within 5 working days from when you place the order. If you need something in a hurry, we will try everything we can to deliver it sooner. Some less standard products can take a little longer, we can advise you exactly how long when we quote you.

Who should I provide my artwork to you for printing?
Click here.

I'm a graphic designer. Can you deliver printing to my customers on my behalf?
Yes, we are happy to do this. We'll make sure that none of our details are on the packaging and deliver it like Ninjas. And you can rest assured that we won't try and steal your customers. We belive in karma - like ninjas.

How do you accept payment?
We are able to take payment by Direct Deposit (preferred), Bpay, Credit Card, Cheque and Cash.

What's the deal with Pre-Paid Design?
Our prepaid design packages are a nifty way to save a bit of cash if you know you're going to need our services in the future. Pay for 10 hours upfront and get 2 hours free. Pay for 20 hours and get 5 hours free. Everyone's a winner: You get free design, and we get your cash upfront to spend on chocolate improving our business.

What did you have for breakfast?
A hot dog.

Do you send your printing overseas?
No sir. We love all people from all over the world, but we prefer to keep everything local, even if it costs a teeny bit more. Keeping our presses in Australia means we have more control over things like quality and turnaround times, and your hard earned money stays here. (On the rare occasion that the only option is have something produced overseas, we'll take every precaution to make sure that you are getting a top quality product.)

Your prices are really good, but I've seen cheaper. Why aren't you the cheapest?
We put a lot of effort into keeping all of our prices very competitive and consistent, but we won't ever, ever, ever compromise on the quality of our products and services which means that sometimes we aren't the cheapest - but the quality of everything we produce is first class. We aren't ripping you off and spending the money on Doritos.

I need some custom-sized envelopes made, can you help me?
We can create and print custom envelopes of any size, however with the amount of setup and labour involved, you will need to order at least 5,000 of them before it becomes economical.
In most cases there will be a standard envelope the same size or pretty close to what you want which will be far more affordable.