Design Price List

Here are our graphic and logo design rates as of July 2018.

Please note that while there are many designers offering lower hourly rates, our experience and professionalism means that we generally complete jobs quite quickly and are often more affordable than our cheaper competitors. Plus, we like to think that our work is better and will bring you more bang for your buck. 

Graphic Design:

$130 per hour (billed in 15 minute increments, 30 minute minimum).
So there are no surprises, we are happy to set a price before we begin your project.

Logo Design:

Basic Logo Design. 
Includes 2 unique concepts and two revisions to one of them. 

Standard Logo Design. $390
Includes 3 unique concepts and unlimited revisions. 

Premium Logo Design. $1150
Includes a minimum of 3 unique concepts, unlimited revisions and a detailed PDF style guide.
With this option, we dedicate significantly more time to the whole process and include thorough research of your industry and competition.

Will all logo design options, you will receive complete ownership and control of the logo upon completion and payment.

Prices are inclusive of GST. Prices are to be used as a guide only, and may change based on your requirements.