Logo / Identity Design

Logo design is our passion, and with nearly 20 years of experience creating fantastic identities for clients of all shapes and sizes, we're getting pretty darn good at it.


A well designed identity will communicate a wealth of information and a perceived value of your goods and services. It will allow your target market to build trust and loyalty in your brand – even before they've walked through your door or clicked onto your website. A good logo is an investment in your business.

A logo by Blue Penguin Design is much more than just a pretty picture. It is:

    • Unique
    • Professional
    • Memorable
    • Timeless
    • Functional across all media (Print, Web, Signage, Embroidery etc.)
    • Able to communicate the right message to the right audience

We won't just jump on our computer and whip up something shiny, we'll ask you about your business, we'll brainstorm, we'll sketch, we'll research your industry and competitors and we'll use every bit of our brains to make sure that your logo is all kinds of awesome. And if you're close by, we'd be happy to pop in and meet with you in person. We're nice like that.

Plus, once we're all done, well pass on complete ownership of the logo design including all associated copyrights and royalties. It will be yours forever to do whatever you want with.

So rather than just plonking a pretty picture on a page and sending you a bill, you can be assured that we will pour everything we've got into your logo, and we won't rest until it is communicating the right message to your target audience – and it looks awesome.


The Blue Penguin's 10 Commandment of Great Logo/Identity Design:

A good logo shall communicate the correct message
You wouldn't get Bert Newton to model your stylish, new swimwear collection, and in (kind of) the same way, we won't design a logo that will confuse the message you want it to communicate.

A good logo shall be memorable
We design logos that make people go, “Hey, I've seen this somewhere before, and I like it!”

A good logo shall be unique
We don't copy or steal, because that's very naughty and lazy. We illustrate everything from scratch to ensure that your logo is 100% unique and doesn't upset anyone with a law degree and a briefcase.

A good logo shall be usable anywhere
Maybe your logo looks great on your website, but what if you want to embroid it onto a hat, etch it into a window, shave it into the back of your head, or paint your logo design on the ceiling of your chapel? We'll make sure it works everywhere.

A good logo shall work in black and white
Yep, there will be times when you'll need your logo to work in just one colour. If we designed it, it will.

A good logo shall still be identifiable at teeny, weeny sizes
A highly detailed logo design featuring 48 different elements probably won't seem so clever when you want to print it on a pen or mould it out of jelly.

A good logo shall not rely on the latest design trends
That drop shadow or reflection may seem cool this month, but not so much next month. Follow the lead of brands like Nike, Coke and McDonald’s, and go for a timeless look. You can add trendiness once it's finalised, but you'll always have classic base to work from.

A good logo shall make it's owner proud
It's no use having the World's most clever logo, if it makes you cringe. We care about your feelings too. We'll make something you'll be happy to show off.

A good logo shall not contain anything unnecessary
If any element in the design won't be missed, we'll throw it away. Clutter is evil and stops good logos from being great logos.

A good logo shall be created in vector format
Vector files can be stretch to any size without losing quality. So can Mr. Fantastic.