Artwork Specs

To ensure that your final printed product will look fantastic, please make sure that the files you provide us with conform to the following specifications. If you need any help, please don't hesitate to contact us.

1. Trim Marks. We like trim marks. (But don't worry about anything else like bleed marks, colour bars etc. Our prepress process will do all that for you.)

2. External Bleed. We require 4mm of external bleed where applicable.

3. Internal Bleed. It's always a good idea to make sure that nothing important is any closer then 3mm from the edge of the page.

4. Colour Mode. Please make sure that all files (and images within your files) are in CMYK. We are able to provide colour proofs for a small charge if you would like to double check everything before your job goes to print.

5. Resolution. For most jobs, we require that all images be 300dpi when at 100% size. For large format jobs, 150dpi is usually acceptable.

6. Ink Coverage. We prefer a maximum of 300% ink coverage when printing on coated stocks, and 260% for uncoated stocks.

7. Rich Black. If you would like to achieve a rich black, try C40 M0 Y0 K100. Rich black should not be used for text.

8. Fonts. Please outline or embed your fonts. (We prefer them outlined)

9. File Format. We love PDFs.

10. Transparency. All files must be flattened.

11. Folding. Please contact us for brochure/presentation folder templates before setting up your artwork.

12. Presentation Folder / Forme Cut Jobs. If we have provided you with a forme cutting template, please include it in your artwork and ensure that it is:
• Set to overprint • Made up of stroked lines (not fills) • On top of everything else in the artwork • Not flattened into the artwork, but on the same layer (everything else below should be flattened to a single layer) The lines in our templates are coloured with a unique spot colour - Please do not change this colour as our pre-press software relies on this to identify the shape. (It will be removed automatically during the pre-press process and will not be printed)

Please don't hesitate to call if you need any help.